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Your Hips are your Engine but your Feet are your Wheels

Yiu ma or the Wing chun turning stance is our primary power generator when range or time does not allow for forward movement, so it pays to get it down. Yiu ma comes from the hips but it starts or ends at the feet. Huh? Think of it like this..... More>>>

3 Common Problems with Chain Punches

Are your punches faulty? Chain punches are easily the most recognizable technique in wing chun. More>>>

The Only 2 "Secrets" you need to Optimize Your Health and Appearance

BALANCED, EFFICIENT movements. STRENGTH through your full range of motion. PAINLESS, wide-range joint mobility. CONFIDENCE under both good and adverse conditions. These are traits of an apex predator. Humans are THE apex predator on planet Earth. More>>>

There is No "Energy" in Wing Chun

What is all this woo-woo crap!? Are we talking about Chi, chakras, magic, what?.....NOPE! In the context of Chi Sau or any bridged drill, I generally mean one of two or a combination of two very tangible things -real things you will actually find in a physics textbook. More>>>

5 Reasons Not to Use Your Thumb

Do you wonder why your Wing Chun Instructor tells you to not grab with your thumb? Sifu Nick at Red Light Martial Arts in Phoenix explains why. More>>>

3 Reasons Martial Arts are Good for Weight Loss

Are Martial Arts good for weight loss?......Yes! and Kinda! My three favorite reasons why. More>>>