What's in a name?.......Why "RED Light" Wing Chun?

A few people have asked and I assume more have wondered, "What's the deal with the name of the studio?"

There are layers to that answer. So here we go....

Red is the luckiest color in Chinese culture. Relying on luck is a bad plan but take it when you can.


The Red Junk Opera
The Red Junk Opera played an important role in the history of Wing Chun. According to the oral history, during the mid-19th century various Red Junk performers were also Wing Chun practitioners. Of these Wong Wah-Bo is credited with adding the long pole fighting to the system after learning it from Leung Yee Tai whom he in turn had taught Wing Chun. Use of the color red is a hat tip to the Red Junk Opera.


Light brings knowledge
Illumination is a simple enough allusion to knowledge/education. Besides to "shed light on" is a beautiful phrase.


Research. Education. Development.
As an acronym RED represents "Research. Education. Development." Obviously, the studio is a place for the student's to learn. As a principle and not technique based art Wing Chun is living system. As a teacher, I am also a perpetual student. I must constantly research and develop better and better ways to teach, refine my understanding of Wing Chun and other arts, and continually advance my knowledge of anatomy and physiology.  R & D and the education of others go hand in hand.


The Gritty, attention getting, not-for-little-kids, this-ain't-no-black-belt-factory, ring to it.
I was rolling around many, many ideas during the inception of the studio. I was leaning towards something gritty but not uninviting. I felt words like "Hood", "Ghetto", "Alley", "Street", "Junkyard", were not quite right.  The studio is in the revitalized, Uptown Art District. The full cross section of city folks pass by on a daily basis. We back up to one of the oldest, best maintained historic residential neighborhoods in the city.  But, not too far back the area had a good supply of hookers. Actually, when the current landlord purchased the building at the beginning of this century, there was a pimp operating in the building. So, the name is a joke that references the recent colorful history of the hood.
The purpose of a name of any business is to help connect it to customers. It is part of how service is delivered. The current name may or may not be optimal towards this end. Time will tell and what's in a name anyway?


Happy Training,
Sifu Nick Edmonds
Red Light Wing Chun Phoenix, Arizona

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